Kingman Part II

Kingman Part II

Long overdue

This post is so long overdue. But before I pick blogging back up, I think it is important for me to do this post.

Tony and I were assigned a location months ago to a tiny little town in Arizona called Kingman.


When we arrived, we had no idea what we were getting into, what we were going to do for fun, where we were going to go out to eat.

I was so thankful there was a Starbucks.  We joined a crossfit gym before we even had a place to live (We were living out of different hotels), primarily so we could get into shape, but also so that we had something to do.

Fast forward six months. Kingman totally stole our hearts.

During our time in Kingman we made some great friends that I truly believe I will stay in touch with.


The vision for our future clinic developed during our time learning what crossfit was all about.

We learned how great of a hub Kingman is! We were able to go away almost every weekend to a new location: The Grand Canyon, Oatman, California, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, and multiple random hiking adventures.

I learned what a really well functioning ICU looks like.

We found a great church.

We joined a volleyball league.

We learned how fun a small town can be.

We learned that the people really make or break a town.

This post is short and does not do our experience justice, but hopefully some of the pictures will. We will definitely pick up travel health professionals again in the future.


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