Camping trip #1

Coyotes ARE afraid of humans, starting a campfire is harder than it looks, make sure you read the tent set-up instructions, and more lessons from our first camping trip.

Tony and I decided to engage in a new adventure-Camping!

Here is a short story about how it went:

We figured it wouldn’t be hard to find a campsite in the wild wild west, so we decided not to look ahead and just adventurously find one when we were tired of driving. This wasn’t a bad idea. We luckily did find a free campsite at Walker Lake.1280px-Walker_Lake_Nevada

We got to our campsite around 5 pm so we had time to set up and go into town for marshmallows, sticks, and firewood (obviously).

I will admit that I have never set up a tent, but since Tony has set up a tent before he proclaimed himself as an expert and “Mr. Camper”. While the tent went up relatively smoothly, there was a moment where the tent was completely set up and we had a piece that we didn’t know what to do with. I found this hilarious and figured we would just pray that the tent stayed up.


Fast forward to our fire experience. All I wanted was a fire because 1) whats the point of camping if you cant roast marshmallows? and 2) I was cold.

So we set out to gather wood, marshmallows and sticks. What I didn’t think about was the fact that the wind was blowing at 4382890 miles per hour. We couldn’t even get the match lit long enough to touch the wood, let alone keep the wood burning.

But we kept trying. After probably 30 matches and a lot of grass and sticks, we kind of had a fire. I didn’t care, we had enough of a fire to burn my marshmallow black and I was happy. :))

Once we realized it was way to cold and windy to sit out by the fire we climbed into the tent.

walker lake 2.jpg

THEN we realized how loud the wind is when your camping.

And wondered just how close the coyotes were that we could hear howling. One of us (I won’t mention who) said “coyotes are afraid of humans right?” Suddenly all I pictured was Tony getting malled by coyotes and me watching. I figured I could call the police, but we were literally in a ghost town, and I pictured the police asking me what I wanted them to do about it.

Needless to say coyotes ARE afraid of humans and we are both in one piece.

I’m kind of amazed the tent stayed standing because I’m telling you, I’ve never felt wind blow that hard before.

walker lake 3

All in all it was a hilarious and fun adventure and I would totally do it again. Next time though, I might check the weather!


Tell us some of your fun camping stories!

walker lake


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