Kingman, AZ. Our first week.

Kingman, AZ


As many of you know, Tony and my plan was to go to Oregon for our second rotation. Unfortunately our recruiters were unable to find us jobs together in Oregon, but they were able to find us a job together in Kingman, AZ.fake excitement

When I first heard we were going to Kingman AZ here were just a few thoughts that went through my head:

  1. Its going to be absolutely sweltering.
  2. The town is going to be tiny, I actually pictured one road with our apartment complex on one side and the hospital on the other side.
  3. There will be literally nothing to do and they probably won’t even have a Starbucks.

I was trying to keep a positive attitude, but I really had no idea what to expect. I figured, no matter what, it would be some type of adventure like the last 8 months have been. We began our 3 hour drive to Kingman, and as soon as we were out of the city, there was nothing but brown for miles, and for a while I couldn’t even pick up a radio station. I really wondered what we had gotten ourselves into.

Fast forward to our arrival. I was shocked at how big the town actually was. The best way I can describe it in comparison to what I know in Michigan is a big up-north type town. It is small, and everything we plan to do is within three miles of each other. But they have everything you need. More about all that later.

Our goal for the first day was to find somewhere to live. When we arrived every apartment was either completely full, or required a full year lease. We drove around to multiple apartment complexes and came to a dead end at every one. Over the next few days we found a few houses for lease, some furnished, some not. If you remember, Tony and I came to Arizona with everything we owned in a Toyota Camry. In other words, we have nothing.

When we finally found something we thought would work, we were ready to sign the papers and move in, and the tenant completely stopped responding. We waited and waited and finally realized we would be spending another night in a hotel. Thankfully we had met a wonderful couple in our search that had a few rental properties still available. We called them up and they invited us over to their house to discuss some possibilities.

They lived just outside of the city, and it was while visiting them that I realized how beautiful Kingman was. We got to their house just as the sun was setting and from their house you could see the lights from the city and the sun setting behind it. The view was absolutely beautiful.

They were the nicest people, and they worked things out so we were able to move into our newest living space the next day. The house is small and cute and perfect.


During our quest to find a home, Tony and I were able to explore the town a little. The closest gym we normally go to is almost an hour away, so we decided to join a crossfit gym to try something new!


They have a yoga studio, a starbucks, and our hospital and house are less than two miles from each other. Directly behind our house is the fairgrounds, which I hear has different activities, rodeos being one of them :). There is a little downtown with a few restaurants and shops that we got to explore a few nights ago. And on Sunday we were able to visit a local church.

The town is very cute and has everything we need. And the people are extremely friendly. I think this is going to be a great rotation. Traveling has shown me that EVERY town has its own personality. Its so fun to discover what that personality is and enjoy all of its quirks.

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