Arizona. Destination reached!


We have arrived! Not only that, but we have been here for almost a week. This week has been all about going with the flow. We knew we would not be working the first week we arrived, and that was SUCH a blessing because our jobs required so much busy work and paperwork filled out before we could start, and all that took a lot longer than we anticipated.

We came down with one vehicle, relying on faith that we would figure it out when we got here. When we arrived, we decided that even though it would be over an hour of driving one way-Tony would drop me off at work in the morning before he went to work and pick me up on his way home. A day later, the Lord provided us with arrangements for a second vehicle.

Some things have worked out exactly how we had planned, and other things haven’t, but ultimately everything has worked out perfectly. When I was starting to get a little anxious about things looking different than we had ultimately planned, Tony said, “We’re vagabonds babe!”, and I was reminded that this was EXACTLY what we had signed up for and I could not be happier with the adventure and bumps along the way.

One fun quirk about the city we are living in, people drive their golf carts everywhere! It’s like an official mode of transportation!

We woke up one day with no official plans, and we said, “Sooooo is this what it feels like to be retired?” Not too bad .

Tony is taking a class this weekend, so that means that I get to explore Pheonix! The first thing I always do is visit a local coffee shop. Of course that is where I am as I write this entry. I find this coffee shop HILARIOUS. It is called “Cabin Coffee Café” and it is decorated like a log cabin. I expected to go to a coffee shop in Arizona, sit outside on the patio, and enjoy the 85 degree weather in the sunshine. Instead I happened to choose a coffee shop that is trying to reproduce the cold weather.

IMG_1486Michigan wants warm weather and sunshine and apparently Arizona wants a log cabin and snow? I find it humorous. The coffee and food is still fabulous.

2 thoughts on “Arizona. Destination reached!

  1. Hey Kathryn, this is Hollie (Holmes) Wilson – we worked in the bakery at BJ together; I’m the one who showed you how to pick out the cake mix lumps and eat them, haha. I saw your blog link on a friend’s time line and wanted to welcome you to AZ! It’s home to us and a wonderful place to live. I’m a little envious of your work/travel arrangement – it sounds like an awesome opportunity!!


    1. Hey Hollie! Thank you for the kind words! I decided to blog simply To be able to look back and remember this time in our lives, but I’ve gotten a lot of encouraging people they say they enjoy reading it, which is just a fun bonus. Do you have a blog? What about Facebook? I tried looking you up but couldn’t find you. Where do you live in Arizona?


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