Go west young man! (…and woman)



Crossing over from Nebraska into Colorado and it was like a complete terrain change! I was looking out my window after just crossing into Colorado and I felt like I could see for miles.

We crossed into Colorado and had to stop at a rest stop, and I’m so happy we had to at that moment, because it happened to be the welcome center into Colorado. This was not the rest stop I am used to in Michigan.

There were Pony express monuments, historical landmarks, RV parks, tons of reading material on the state, and free coffee (among lots of other cool things)!


Being the good tourists we are, Tony and I took a picture in front of the welcome to Colorado sign!


Driving through Colorado was humorous because you see miles and miles of brown, with gas stations and RV parks plopped down wherever the builder felt it was necessary. We would drive for miles without seeing anything, and then we would pull off the exit and there was a gas station. I love seeing how every state has its own uniqueness.


I’m convinced the state colors of New Mexico are peach and light blue.

And Arizona has more horse trailers than cars.

When we were in Colorado I realized that whole altitude change is a real thing. I went for a run and never caught my breath. The Old Men Running Club (OMRC) is definitely continuing to outrun the YMRC by a long shot.

Throughout this traveling, and our stays with friends and family, I continue to think about the love and kindness everyone continues to give. Tony and I are driving across the US and we have NOTHING to give in return to the unbelievable hospitality we continue to receive. I feel like this is a tiny picture of the love Christ shows to us when we have nothing to give in return.

Thanks guys. Our travels are so much more enjoyable because of you.

We are officially in Arizona and I look forward to writing again in a few days!


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