Aaaand We’re off!

After four long months of waiting for the right time, we are finally ready for take off!



For those of you who don’t know, and keep wondering what all this travel talk is about, here it is:

Tony and I have the amazing opportunity of being able to travel the US for work. We each get a 13 week assignment for nursing and PT, and can go pretty much anywhere. We chose Pheonix, AZ as our first assignment due to warm weather, family, beautiful sights, and adventure.

As I am writing this we have two destinations checked off our road trip list and a few more to go before reaching our final destination of Pheonix, AZ!

  • Canada
  • Niles
  • Nebraska
  • Colorado


To pass the time we decided to download the audible app to listen to some educational podcasts.
About as nerdy as it gets.
Right now we are listening to Tax Free Wealth, which, if you’re into it, it is pretty fascinating.

That stuff aside, I have been blown away over the past week to be able to travel thousands of miles and reconnect with people that played such a large role in our lives. We have been able to see both people we haven’t seen in over 10 years to new friends we just met on our honeymoon. We are truly blessed to have not just positive role models, but truly caring people that offer wisdom and knowledge in so many different ways.


I look forward to the new people we meet, but love the fact that we have friends and family scattered all over the world. And when we connect with them, its like no time has passed since we last saw them.

Five more days until we reach our destination, and still some great stops along the way!


6 thoughts on “Aaaand We’re off!

  1. Can’t wait to hear more from your travels. The kids ask is there more? They miss you already but looks forward to read about you both. Keep it coming. Praying for safe travels. Love ya!


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