Living Simply:

So it begins. The travel life. We have not left yet, but the packing process has begun. So has the mindset of having to live very simply. I am learning the difference between a necessity and not a necessity.

For example:

Not a necessity:

My heels, wedges, flip-flops, sandals, boots, indoor tennis shoes, outdoor tennis shoes, moccasins…



Not a necessity:

My black leggings for barre, my other black leggings for running, my multi colored leggings for when I’m feeling bold, 7 tank tops, 6 sport bras, t shirts, shorts


Something to work out in.

Not a necessity:

Light jeans, dark jeans, stretchy black jeans, non-stretchy black jeans, the jeans I never really wear but can’t part with, kind of ripped jeans, really ripped jeans…



You get the picture.

I feel that learning to live simply in the beginning of our marriage is going to be a hard but fabulous learning experience. We will basically be living out of a Toyota Camry for 1 year.

I am a little sad that things like photo albums, decorations, and sentimental pieces won’t be able to come with us on our travels, but I am excited about the camera we are taking to obtain more pictures and memories.


I LOVE to decorate and nest, and I will definitely decorate the RV, it will just have to be with disposable pieces like fresh flowers in a plastic cup and handwritten notes on the fridge. I know it is going to be beautiful.

What about you? What would you consider a necessity for a year that can fit in the camry? I will be bringing my crock pot because I feel like that is necessary. I would love your input!

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